When I first started Flashband, my band had just broken up and I was looking for a new way to meet musicians. Flashband was the solution I came up with. With two co-founders, I built a website and hosted a ton of local events. We recruited 2,000+ musicians to join, and in 2015 we closed a round of seed investment funding. At our peak we had 3 people full-time and a couple part-time.

We ended active operations in 2016 because, well, music is a tough business. I wrote an article to our community summarizing the decision and our next steps at the time.

Despite this setback, the Flashband website continues to connect musicians and our partners and members continue to run events. 7DL Studios has taken over running showcases every two months, and another member runs a monthly Mixtape Club. Check out the website and see what it’s all about!

Website evolution

2013 mockup (live was similar)
2014 mockup (live was similar)
2015 relaunch

Flashband Events

Showcases drew 200+ people
One-night bands
Listening Parties