Neal Humphrey

Myers Briggs Team Report

This tool uses D3 to show the distribution of Myers Briggs personality types across a team or organization.

While there are descriptions of what each component means, it's not intended to be a completely stand-alone reference - team members would be directed to this report after completing a group workshop with their team or organization, and would use this to further explore how the personality types might impact their team. I developed this for my wife to use in her organizational development consulting business (S-Squared).

This is set up with fake (sample) data. A caveat - this hasn't been designed to be mobile friendly, so requires zooming on mobile devices.

The 'A-team' Myers Briggs Report

Use this page to refresh yourself on the meanings of each of the preferences and to explore the breakdown of your team's personality types. As you do so, pay attention to your own personality type and when you are similar or different from your teammates. Pay particular attention if the team leans strongly to one preference - you may need to work harder to incorporate other viewpoints in your work and avoid alienating minority teammember.